Quick notes on the Las Vegas Strip

Quick notes on Las Vegas. I wrote them very quickly in text for a friend in 2018. Putting them here in 2022, lightly abridged, as a better way of sharing them than forwarding the WhatsApp thread each time.

Went to Vegas for a week, which was really remarkable – by far one of the most interesting urban experiences I've ever had, perhaps the most interesting.

A few things, concentrating on the Strip:

In particular, the Strip is about some very definite notion of what the good life is. It's a kind of revealed preference notion of utopia.

I started writing notes at one point on my trip, as fast as my hand could move, and realized I could write hundreds of thousands of words. Every minute on the Strip was just a bombardment with novelty, beyond my ability to process. Absolutely amazing place!

A few more observations:

Lots more thoughts! Very, very worth visiting. And just plain fun, too, never mind all this analysis!